Ambassadors Program - Winter Scheduling


For the months of December 2019 through April 2020, we’re moving to an on-demand model. Prospective residents will still go to and follow the instructions, but we’ll handle requests on a case by case basis and reach out to you, as Ambassadors, as needed. It would be helpful to know which of you will be available during these five months. Please fill out the quick form below to indicate your availability. We aren’t looking for details, but merely the broad lines of your schedule (for example if you plan to be out for two weeks in January).

Thanks for submitting!

Current Program Coordinator

Oliver Dossmann

Tel/text 731.695.1206


Please direct all questions regarding the booking process and system to the current Program Coordinator listed above.

If you can't reach the Program Coordinator, please contact one or both of the following:

Barb Bilodeau:

Call/text (770) 378-1134


Bill Boothe:

Call/text (561) 281-0459      Email