2020 Events

Crab Orchard Utility District Presentation

Was held on March 12, 2020. Everett Bolin, General Manager of Crab Orchard Utility District (COUD), gave a presentation on the history of COUD, current water trends, and future growth capacity. Bruce Evans, Fairfield Glade Director of Sewer Systems, also gave a presentation about the current status of our sewer systems and future plans to accommodate growth in our community. A Q&A session followed with the 75 residents who attended. 

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2019 Events

TennGreen Review of Efforts to Purchase "Lone Star" Land

Was held on October 17, 2019. Representatives from TennGreen, Tennessee’s oldest accredited, statewide land conservancy, reviewed their initiatives to assist in the purchase of 6,650 acres of land known as “Lone Star” for a significant addition to the Cumberland Trail. This is the same land that was once slated for a wind turbine industrial site atop ridges that are clearly visible from many venues within Fairfield Glade. Lone Star has been impacted by many years of large-scale timber harvesting and mineral extraction, making this acquisition vital to secure stream quality, restore habitat, and protect its natural landscapes for present and future generation to enjoy. Residents heard about this important conservation initiative, got their questions answered by TennGreen representatives, and learned how they can get involved. About TennGreen: Founded in 1998, TennGreen is the oldest accredited, statewide land conservancy in Tennessee. TennGreen’s mission is to conserve land where people and nature can thrive. Through collaboration with members, private land owners, local municipalities, and state and federal agencies, the organization works to create parks, establish wildlife corridors, expand existing protected public lands, and enhance public recreation opportunities. 

Jeff Houston

 Presentation of the 2020 Plans for Golf Operations

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Was held on Thursday, October 10th at the Glade Library. Jeff Houston, Director of Golf for Fairfield Glade, presented a comprehensive review of the remaining 2019 and upcoming 2020 plans for golf operations. Jeff’s presentation addressed the following topics:

1. Heatherhurst Golf Club

  • Heatherhurst Crag and Brae

  • Heatherhurst Short Game Project

  • Heatherhurst Bunker Project this winter

2. Dorchester Golf Club

  • Clubhouse – Old vs. New

  • Golf Course photos

  • Golf Course Maintenance upgrades

3. Stonehenge Golf Club

  • Stonehenge Photos

  • Stonehenge Turf Care Project 2018/2019

  • Stonehenge Bunker Project 2016/2017

4. Druid Hills Golf Club

  • Photos

5. TrackMan Simulator

6. Statistics and upcoming events

7. Golf Division Overview

  • Rounds played

  • Annual Capital Expenditures

i. Golf Carts

ii. Maintenance Equipment

iii. Cart Paths

iv. Course Improvement projects

8. Golf Course Trends.

  • Fewer Timeshare visitors

  • More Golf Package rounds

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Jeff Houston

Peavine Road

Construction Update

Peavine Road Event Photo.jpg

Was held July 11, 2019 in the CCC Ballroom. More than 350 Glade residents attended the presentation provided by the project managers from the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Rogers

Engineering and Middle Tennessee Natural Gas. A detailed update on the road construction project was provided, and residents asked a lengthy list of questions. This was a great opportunity to learn what to expect as construction moves toward completion next year. 


Community Information Fair

PG Community Info Fair 2019 (2).jpg

Was held on June 20, 2019 in the CCC Ballroom. All of the Community Club Departments, Board Appointed Committees, The Police & Fire Departments plus members of the Board of Directors attended. Glade residents were able to ask questions and learn more about any Fairfield Glade Community topic! 


Tennessee's Natural Wonders

6-13-19 Event.jpg

Was held June 13, 2019 in the CCC Ballroom. Randy Hedgepath, Tennessee State Naturalist, shared his experience and adventures. Throughout the year, Randy can be found leading waterfall tours, wildflower hikes, nature walks and scenic excursions at a variety of state parks and natural areas throughout Tennessee. 


Community Information Presentation & Panel Discussion

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Was held April 11, 2019 in the CCC Ballroom. Panelists included Misty Galloway (VP Fairfield Homes & Glade Realty), Mark McClain (General Manager Wyndham Destinations), Bob Weber (FGCC General Manager), and Mary Jo Paige (FGCC Director of Marketing and Events). Panelists presented their plans for 2019 and attendees asked their questions. An extremely informative session!

2018 Events

Strategic Planning Session

Was held October 8, 2018 with more than 40 members attending. Several planning groups worked on the details of our key member education initiatives.


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Planning sessions 1.JPG

Board Candidates Forum

Was held August 9, 2018 with all 3 candidates and 100+ attendees. Questions were posed by Positively Glade as well as the members attending.


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2021 Events
Due to COVID restrictions no events are currently scheduled.