Our Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization, the guiding principles that dictate behavior, and the standards that must be upheld. 

Preserving the natural beauty of our unique environment.


We live in a natural environment that most people can only dream of. It's the first thing most visitors to the Glade see when they arrive, and what sticks in their memories when they depart. Forests, lakes, pastures - extremely low densities with space to breath. A quiet and serene world separated from the hustle and bustle that most of us have grown up in. But this idyllic setting doesn't take care of itself. Through careful planning, we have been able to build a community that coexists with nature in a way few can duplicate. A community that values this delicate balance of mankind and nature - and is dedicated to maintaining this special world now, and in the future. 

Providing outstanding amenities for the enjoyment of our current and prospective residents.

Amenity - a word that has many meanings. Sometimes defined as "a feature that provides comfort, convenience or pleasure". Or "something considered to benefit a property and thereby increase its value". Or even "something pleasant or agreeable". Fortunately, our array of outstanding amenities fits all definitions. Not only do we enjoy them ourselves, but they also add value to our community, and to our home values. And let's not forget that these same amenities are a major factor in attracting new residents - to buy existing homes or build new. We understand the value of our amenities, and we are committed to providing them for our own enjoyment, for the enjoyment of our future neighbors.

Maintaining a physically, socially and intellectually vibrant lifestyle for our residents.

In the midst of our natural environment we maintain a thriving "people environment". Sports facilities and hiking trails to challenge our bodies. Events and excursions to enhance our socialization. Educational endeavors to challenge our minds. An ever-expanding, ever-changing mix of activities that adds value to our lives, and assures a vibrant lifestyle for us now - and in the future.