We are a group of residents dedicated to promoting the many positive aspects of our community, as well as to welcoming new residents and guests to our beautiful home. With more than 9,000 people living here and literally thousands of visitors each year, it can be a challenge for current and prospective residents to stay informed on important happenings and key issues of our community. Positively Glade focuses its efforts on doing just that - we provide clear, accurate and concise information on events and issues of interest. We do three things:

1. Promote the many positive aspects of Fairfield Glade. We will do this through our website, regular submissions to local news publications and social media.

2. Welcome new residents and guests. We will do this through a positive relationship with Wyndham and Club management and through local publications and social media.

3. Provide information on items of interest (events, issues). We will do this by hosting speakers on topics of importance to our community, hosting informational events, and offering other activities designed to increase knowledge and awareness of the many advantages of living in Fairfield Glade.